Groundworks, drainage & Landscaping

Our experts provide competitive groundwork solutions for our clients and unrivalled execution of contracts covering infrastructure, substructure, foundations, drainage and external works.

We are fully equipped to provide specialist civil engineering solutions and groundworks services across the UK. Our team has years of experience on all types of projects and across all markets, while our plant and machinery is the envy of our competitors.

Our objective in all groundworks projects is to offer quality and assurance to our customers with a professional, friendly attitude that helps provide the highest standard of finish.

Drain relining

At PSG, we are committed to give you the highest quality drain lining repair available at an affordable price. Our drain lining service saves you money, time, and your property’s structure or landscape! View our videos and photos to see how our pipe lining can rejuvenate your home or businesses drainage system.

The process starts with inspecting the pipe with our CCTV drain cameras. After a complete analysis of your drainage system we will discuss the best options for you. Drain lining is the best solution for older properties which would usually require digging up your drainage pipework and most likely replacing most if not all dated pipework.

A brief idea of the process involved in pipe lining

Our certified team will arrive on site with the equipment and answers to any additional questions you may have. The pipe lining repair process starts by entering the pipe from an existing opening in the pipe with our Air Inversion. An example of an existing opening in the pipe would be a clean out from your property or a man hole in the street.

An epoxy liner is rolled into our Air Inversion Unit, connected to air pressure, and is then unravelled through the pipe internally – expanding and hardening to give you a “new pipe within a pipe”. No digging or jackhammering involved – saving you money, time, and your property!

We can fix your broken pipe no matter the type, size, or length. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also very strong – which is why we offer a 50 year guarantee on our trenchless drain lining services!


A soakaway or drainage field, is used as part of the filtration process for effluent. It can be either a perforated pipe surrounded by stone or a pit lined with rubble or other masonry, with inlaid pipes to transport waste away from the septic tank. So whilst the septic tank separates solid waste from liquid, the soakaway is able to safely diffuse the liquids in to the earth. With such a vital role it is important that your soakaway is built by a professional.

As well as constructing soakaways, we are specialists in soakaway repairs and maintenance. Independent Drainage can provide a swift and cost-effective solution to many of the problems associated with a faulty soakaway .

Soakaways are also used to disperse surface water into the water table which is collected from the roof , guttering , Driveways and any hardstanding.

Manhole installations

We can supply and install all types and sizes of manhole covers .We also carry out repairs on the internal structure of manholes i.e. repairing brickwork , banking and clay gullies .

New foul drain installations and connections

Here at PSG we offer a complete design to installation service for new foul and surface water drainage system . This could be for a new build property , extensions or new replacement drains for old damaged pipes.

All our installations are carried out to the highest quality and come with a full guarantee .




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